Christian Grévisse

PhD in Computer Science

About me

I am an e-learning specialist in medical education at the University of Luxembourg. Holding a PhD in Computer Science, my main research interests lie in the areas of e-learning, gamification, Semantic Web and computer-based assessment. In particular, my research focuses on the integration of learning material through digital tools in different contexts. For more information, please visit the dedicated website about the ALMA-Yactul ecosystem. Along my research, I have also been involved in teaching activities, including the supervision of several Bachelor and Master thesis candidates.



Informatique et sciences infirmières - Lecture & Lab

WS 23/24

Selected topics on IT applications and security for nursing students

Scientific Document Creation using LaTeX

SS 22/23, WS 23/24

One-day workshop for the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE)

Programming for Medical Students - Lecture & Lab

SS 22/23

Basic programming & algorithms, selected data mining and machine learning aspects for medical students

Santé publique - Digital medicine - Lecture

SS 22/23

Single lecture on limits of artificial intelligence

Compétences transversales - Lecture

WS 22/23, WS 23/24

Application of statistical concepts with R

Operating Systems 1 - Lecture & Lab

WS 22/23, WS 23/24

Introduction to basic Linux administration

Mobile App Development - Lecture & Lab

WS 20/21

Development of mobile apps for iOS

Programming 1 - Lab

WS 16/17, WS 17/18, WS 18/19, WS 19/20, WS 20/21

Introduction to (object-oriented) programming in Java.

Operating Systems 1 - Lab

WS 16/17, WS 17/18, WS 18/19, WS 19/20, WS 20/21

Introduction to basic Linux administration, including shell scripts.

Programming 2 - Lab

SS 16/17, SS 17/18, SS 18/19, SS 19/20

Programming in C and Swift.

Introduction to LaTeX

WS 16/17, WS 17/18

Tutoring session on the use of LaTeX for all first-semester Bachelor and Master students at the FSTC.

Mobile Computing - Project

SS 15/16, SS 16/17

Project on the creation of a distributed mobile game. Introduction to Swift and selected Apple frameworks.

Thesis Supervision

SS 22/23
  • Bachelor Olivia Marichal: Development of a Clerkship Logbook for Health Education Programs
  • Bachelor Marnix Van den Wijngaert: Advanced Cohort Management Moodle Plugin
SS 19/20
  • Bachelor Carina Martins: Augmented Reality in Tablet-based Note-taking Apps
  • Bachelor Désirée Lemarquis: Scaffolding Support for Active Learning in Programming Courses
SS 18/19
  • Bachelor Aryobarzan Atashpendar: Enhanced Digital Note-taking through Machine Learning and Semantic Annotation
  • Bachelor Nélson Caetano: Enhanced IDE for Active Teaching and Learning Support
  • Master Jeff Meder: Semi-automatic Annotation of Learning Material in an Ontology and Document Browser
SS 17/18
  • Bachelor Sam Ries: Integration of Solfège Learning Material in a Music Notation Software
  • Master Laurent Hentges: Active Learning - Integrating Reflection and Feedback through Continuous Games
  • Master Dren Gashi: A Graph-Oriented Generic Data Model for Game-based Student Response Systems
  • Master Nicolas Mayer: Collaborative Learning Support in a Serious Mobile Game
SS 16/17
  • Bachelor Jeff Meder: Cross-Domain Recommendations: Streaming Music Services meet Social Media
  • Master Jo Schimberg: Incorporating Learning Material and Personalised Feedback into a Serious Mobile Game
SS 15/16
  • Bachelor Davide Belpassi: A Game-Based Student Response Framework for Interactive Education — Offline Coaching

Skills & Tools

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • JavaScript
  • C


  • Git
  • LaTeX
  • Office Add-ins
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign



  • Luxembourgish (Native)
  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish


  • Music
  • Airplanes
  • South America